We teach a number of different adult education classes every week.

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Fridays: Judaism For Dummies


Location: Zoom

This engaging class will give you a better understanding of Jewish practice and traditions. The classes are accessible to anyone regardless of their knowledge about the Jewish faith and will answer questions about Jewish practice you were always wondering about.

This class takes place every Friday morning on Zoom. Browse our calendar to RSVP for the date you're interested in.

Saturdays: Morning Talmud Class


temporarily suspended

Every Saturday morning we begin the Shabbat morning service with a Talmud Class to gain an understanding of its intricate legal analyses and legal derivations, shedding light into the mystery of Shabbat and its source in Biblical passages.

The class is followed by prayers and lechaim.

Wednesdays: JLI Course

Outsmarting Antisemitism


6 - 27 October 2021

4 Wednesday evenings


Location: Zoom

Price: £50 / £35 Supporters Club members

Course Overview


Against the backdrop of a recent uptick in antisemitism and the increased anxiety it has brought to the Jewish community, this course sets out to beat this age-old cancer—with purpose, positivity, and pride. Marshalling historical analysis, Talmudic sources, Jewish mysticism, and contemporary expert analysis, the four lessons of this course provide insight, perspective, practical direction, and personal reassurance to motivate and inspire proud, fearless Jewish life.

Lesson Details


Lesson 1

The Eternal People


By taking another look at the statistics, studying our people’s remarkable perseverance, and exploring the concept of Providence, we can find eternal cause for confidence and optimism while we implement plans to secure ourselves and our communities.



Lesson 2

No Apologies


We look at some of the explanations for antisemitism that have been offered throughout the ages to emerge with an important principle: the problem with hating Jews lies not with the Jews but with the haters. Internalizing this hate is not a healthy response.


Lesson 3

The Promised Land


Today, hatred of Jews commonly manifests itself as antagonism toward the Jewish State. This class distinguishes all-out antisemitism from some more nuanced sub-strains. It also examines the state of Israel education and the very nature of Jewish nationhood.


Lesson 4

Change of Heart


Psychology, neuroscience, and recent history show us that neither friend nor foe should ever be taken for granted. With a bit of subtlety and conviction, and always with trust in G-d, we find that the dark days of the past are no cause for pessimism ahead.

Wednesdays: Read It In Hebrew


Next course: November 2021

£30 (textbook included)

Location: Zoom

Read It In Hebrew is a new, cutting-edge five-week Hebrew reading crash course. In your spare time you will be able to practice with a specially-designed app.