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Kabbalah of You

Revealing How Its Mystical Secrets Relate to You

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Discover the core mystical and spiritual teachings of Kabbalah and their relevance to everyday life. You’ll learn to think like a Jewish mystic and gain powerful insights to fuel deeper self-understanding and personal growth. Curious why there’s so much buzz around Kabbalah? Discover it for yourself by attending The World of Kabbalah.


The Evolution of Ego: The Story of Three Alternative Worlds

Examine the three spiritual worlds linking G-d’s initial plan to our physical universe and how they correspond to human thought, speech, and action. Plus, see how this insight helps us sidestep rash decisions and implement habits for intentional living.


The Dawn of Limitation: The Story of the Ten Sefirot

Probe the Divine realm of G-d’s ten sefirot and the corresponding powers of the soul. Discover how knowledge of our soul’s root can clarify individual purpose and provide guidance for maximizing strengths and managing weaknesses.


The Infinite Light: The Story of Ein Sof

Observe how G-d’s infinite light unites diverse sefirot and how we can replicate this phenomenon to overcome human differences and create harmonious relationships. In addition, see how willpower mirrors infinity and enables us to overcome obstacles.


The World of Chaos: The Story of Tohu

Study the primordial spiritual universe of Tohu, its purpose in creation, and its enduring impact on human nature. Discover the roots of inner moral conflict and the key to harnessing our negative natures to achieve fulfillment.


The Great Concealment: The Story of the Tzimtzum

Explore the process of tzimtzum or how G-d conceals His infinity to create space for our reality. See how this translates into guidance for empowering others and seeking growth potential in life’s darkest moments.


The Essence of Everything: The Story of G-d’s Essence and Our World

Uncover the reality that precedes everything, the essence of the Divine Self, and the surprising purpose of our physical universe. Learn insights into the human self’s deepest motivation and purpose and our capacity to repair wrongs.

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