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Untold Stories | Islington Jewish Heritage Trail


Chabad Lubavitch of Islington is pleased to present the Islington Jewish Heritage Trail. 


Islington was once one of the most prominent Jewish communities in the UK, yet the last local synagogue closed in 1967 and until recently there were no Jewish community groups in existence. The Islington Jewish Heritage Trail highlights the Jewish heritage and integrates the story of the Jewish community into the wider story of Islington.


You will discover how Jewish presence and contributions to the borough, celebrating Jewish culture as a migrant and religious minority community and their role in contributing and shaping the identity and heritage of the city and the nation as a whole. 


When does the Jewish community graduate from being a vulnerable migrant community? To feel safe and accepted to celebrate their rich culture and heritage and at the same time be contributing members of the wider London family? How long does that last? At what point does Islington become your home? 


You are welcome to go on a self guided tour by using this map and the online digital map with additional resources, videos and stories. You can also contact us and book a guided walking tour led by a local historian. 

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