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COVID-19 Update

Dear community of Islington,

We are living in unprecedented times with much upheaval and unknown. Upon taking advice from both medical and rabbinic guidance, we will not be able to host any events until further notice.

What we will be doing instead:

- Passover: we will be making Seder in a Box packages with all provisions of the Passover table prepared, with delivery across London. Click here to order your Seder box.

- Passover: we will be offering an online step-by-step guide on 'how to conduct a Seder'. Click here to participate.

- Shopping: if you are in isolation and need shopping done, please reach out for assistance. We are part of "We Are Islington Helpline", click here to know more about it.

- Phone calls: We will be making daily calls to community members to check on their condition. If you can join this effort, please let us know.

- Volunteering: if you can offer assistance by delivering food to those in isolation or making phone calls, please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

- Online classes: Our weekly Wednesday (Torah) and Friday (Judaism for Dummies) classes are available online. Reserve your place to join.

If I can add one other point, try to take a little time every day to not look at your phone/news/whatsapp and instead read a book or play some music. Take care of your mental state that we don't get over nervous and stressed.

We wish you and everyone only health and peace,

Hadasa & Mendy

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