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The Visionary Wall

In honour of Holocaust Memorial Day the Ein Sof Gallery presents The Visionary Wall - Meeting My Ancestors Lost in the Holocaust

The Ein Sof Gallery is pleased to present, in honour of Holocaust Memorial Day: 

The Visionary Wall - Meeting My Ancestors Lost in the Holocaust offers a poignant and immersive experience for viewers to engage with Degard's captivating artwork. Through her Visionary artistry, Degard embarks on a personal journey, uncovering lost personalities and relationships while honouring the memory of her ancestors lost in The Holocaust.

Degard discovered that over thirty of her relatives perished in concentration camps. Motivated by a deep sense of purpose, Degard embarked on a mission to resurrect their memory through Spirit Portraiture. Through her intuitive connection with their distinct auras, Degard formed meaningful bonds with these lost family members and gained insights into their  personalities. By celebrating the lives that these Holocaust victims were denied, Degard defiantly stands against the evil that sought to extinguish the Jewish people.

The Ein Sof Gallery provides a fitting setting for The Visionary Wall, as it combines the artistic exploration of Degard's work with the rich Jewish heritage of remembrance and connection to history. Throughout this exhibition, Degard draws inspiration from the historical context of The Wailing Wall, symbolising the enduring Jewish persecution spanning millennia, reaching its pinnacle during The Holocaust.

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