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Research: Jewish community life in Islington

In February until May, Willemieke Vink and Julia Hofland come to London to do research within the community of Chabad Islington. They are both 22 years old and are planning to conduct a research project for their study of Cultural Anthropology at Utrecht University (the Netherlands). The aim is to gain more insight into Jewish community life and are excited and thankful to get the opportunity to get to know the neighbourhood of Islington and Chabad. 

'We are fascinated and interested in how Chabad Islington gives renewed attention to Jewish life within Islington, after a long time without a place of Jewish worship within the neighbourhood. In our research, we would like to get insight into Jewish heritage and the way Chabad Islington makes space for people to get engaged with Jewish practices and thoughts. We would like to know how you experience Chabad Islington and what motivates you to be involved. We are collecting information by getting involved in your community, during these 3 months, by participating in the events and by having conversations with all of you. We are looking forward to meet you in February!'

If you have any questions in advance you can contact them via email: 


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