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Photos from the private view of the exhibition ‘ חזרנו // ‘we returned’

'we returned’ is the inaugural group exhibition celebrating the opening of the Jewish Art Gallery in Islington, part of the recently launched shul (synagogue) and Chabad Islington Jewish Community Centre. The private view took place on Thursday 3 December 2020.

The exhibition centres on London-based Jewish artists, and their commentaries on British Jewish pride and identity. Running from 4 December 2020 - 2 March 2021, the exhibition showcases the work of Beverley-Jane Stewart, Liorah Tchiprout and David Hochhauser.

As the presence of a synagogue inevitably nurtures a community, so too may the presence of Jewish art in this space foster connections between artist and audience within a wider community. Despite indisputable Jewish legacy, until now the Jewish community seemed to keep within small satellites and tread fairly quietly in London. We hope that the presence of Jewish art in this space properly contextualises our community as one driven by hachazarah (החזרה — as one that returned, returns, and will return to each other.)

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