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Passover 2022

Please join our Passover events:

Seder on the Canal Friday 15 April 2022, 19:30 Camley Street Natural Park, 12 Camley St, London N1C 4PW Local community early bird ticket (until 31 March) £35 / last minute £45 Standard: £50 Experience Passover in urban nature overlooking Regent's Canal. The newly-reopened Camley Street Natural Park along Granary Square is welcoming Chabad Islington to celebrate Passover as a community, where Jewish history is relived through the 15-step Seder journey. An explanatory narrative will foster around-the-table conversation and discovery of international Jewish Passover traditions. Anyone unable to afford the fee will not be turned away - please contact us at if you would like to join. Pay it Forward this Passover We know that Passover Seder is expensive and in these difficult times not everyone might be able to afford a Seder ticket. Adding 'Pay it Forward' when booking your Seder ticket allows you to sponsor a ticket for someone who may not be able to afford it. Class: How to conduct a Seder Wednesday 6 April 2022, 19:30 Take part in an online class with a step-by-step guide on how to conduct a Seder.

CKids: Passover Freedom Machine Sunday 10 April 2022, 13:00-14:30 Kids will work together to invent their own Rube Goldberg freedom machine that will be the perfect Seder centrepiece. Sell your Chametz On the holiday of Passover, we are commanded not to have any chametz in our possession. Any food that is made out of grain that has been allowed to rise (ferment) is chametz. Common chametz items include bread, cakes, breakfast cereals, pastas, many liquors and more. Any chametz that was in the possession of a Jew during Passover is forbidden, even after Passover ends. This applies even if the chametz is locked up and out of sight. The solution (as explained in the Code of Jewish Law, O.C. 448) is the “Sale of Chametz,” in which the food is sold to a non-Jew before Passover. After the holiday, the non-Jew sells it back, and it can once again be enjoyed. Since the mid-1990s, has offered an online form through which you can authorize a rabbi to sell your chametz to a non-Jew on your behalf. Fill out the form to sell your Chametz. Donate Seder on the Canal will cost £9,000 to host and we expect to cover only half of this amount with income from ticket sales. Please donate to help us keep our programme affordable for everyone to join.

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