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Well done Brian!

Congratulations to Brian on completing the 10k Night Run Tel Aviv!

Participating in support of Chabad Islington, Brian raised £1,824 (and counting...) This contribution will go towards the costs of the Islington Menorah Lighting. Thank you very much Brian!

Read his blog below:

On the 13th November I found myself completing the Tel Aviv 10k Night Run with my wife, friends from London, and some 18,000 others. I even have a medal to prove it! The strange thing is, I don't remember making the decision to participate! I remember my son, who lives in Tel Aviv, suggesting we do it, I can even remember friends telling me I was crazy to even think about doing it, but there I was, in my running shoes and Chabad t-shirt, ready for the 9pm start! I suppose there are a few reasons why I did it and, in no particular order, are the following: 1. A marker in time comparing where I was health wise a year ago to where I am today. 2. What I call, “the Dafkah” reason, where the more people who said I was crazy to even think about doing it, the more I was tempted to do it. 3. A denial of age catching up on me!

What I can say with certainty is that I am so glad that I chose to participate in such a unique event. I was running along the streets of Tel Aviv normally full of impatient Israeli drivers, alongside a real mix of runners. The route passed various landmarks, including the Habimah Theatre. It was also the only time I have ever passed the Dizengoff Centre where my wife didn't insist on going inside to do some shopping! On the run I saw, and was passed by, parents running with children, men and women of all ages and sizes, as well as the secular and religious (a major hint for Mendy is that I did not spot any obvious Rabbi!!!). It also gave me an opportunity to raise money for Chabad Islington and for those of you who wish to donate, please feel free to go to my fundraising page. The real test is that I have decided to continue running, and improve my fitness levels, so that I am ready to run again next year. You can run for Chabad Islington too - sign up for the upcoming Big Half in London!

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