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High Holidays 2017: programme

We are pleased to offer a full array of services during the High Holidays 2017. You do not need membership to join any of our services.

Should you wish to join any of the events, please follow the link to make a reservation.

A Musical Slichot Experience: join us for an inter-communal inspirational opening to the High Holy Days.

Sat 14 Sept, 9pm-12am

Chabad Belgravia, 11 Grosvenor Place, SW1X 7HH

Rosh Hashanah

Evening service and dinner

Evening 1: Wed 20 Sept, 7.30pm

Evening 2: Thu 21 Sept, 7.30pm

Morning service and Shofar Blowing at Sandys Row Synagogue

Thu 21 Sept & Fri 22 Sept, service starts 9:30am, Shofar Blowing 12pm.

Address: Sandys Row Synagogue, 4a Sandys Row, E1 7HW.

Shofar Blowing at Granary Square

Thu 21 Sept, 6.00-6.30pm

Address: Granary Square N1C 4AB

Children's Rosh Hashanah Programme

Thu 21 Sept, 4.00-5.00pm.

Yom Kippur

We are partnering with Sandys Row Synagogue for the entire Yom Kippur service.

Address: 4a Sandys Row, E1 7HW.

Kol Nidrei

29 Sept, 6:30pm

Morning Service

30 Sept, 9.30am


30 Sept, 6:00pm


Shabbat Happy Hour Special: Sushi in the Sukka

Fri 6 Oct, 7.30pm

Dinner under the Stars

Wed 11 Oct, 7.30pm

Alef Club Special: Kids Sukka Party

Sun 8 Oct, 10.30-2pm

Simchat Torah Celebration: Thu 12 Oct, 7.30pm

Run Rabbi Run

As we're entering the High Holiday season, here at Chabad Islington we're planning a whole range of events to celebrate the Jewish New Year.

However, holding High Holiday events is expensive, and although we do our best to subsidise tickets, we know that the costs of running them will be quite high and would love to open the sponsorship opportunities to the public. That’s why I’m running the Royal Parks Half Marathon on Sunday 8 October 2017, to help make our programme possible for anyone who wants to join.

You could pay for all the apples on Rosh Hashana for just £5

You could pay for all the honey on Rosh Hashana at a bargain price of £10

You could subsidise the ticket for one student or person on a low income for £25

You could enable us to subsidise two tickets by sponsoring me at £50

You could subsidise four tickets for £100

Sponsor my run today!

Please consider supporting our High Holiday programme!

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