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Passover celebrated 'al fresco' in London

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

The Jewish community of Islington celebrates the Passover Seder in the newly refurbished Camley Street Natural Park along Regent's Canal, just across from Granary Square & Coal Drops Yard. The outdoor gazebo, in comfortable spring warmth and glowing festoon lighting, housing 85 people from across Islington and visitors from around the world.

Highlights of the evening included hand baked matzah from Ukraine, beetroot infused gravlax, roasted aubergine salad with parsley & chilli olive oil, braised brisket, dark chocolate mousse from 1070Kitchen. The Seder was led by Rabbi Mendy Korer, CEO of Chabad Islington with new insights and modern meaning on the exodus story from 'The Four Cups: A Recovery Haggadah'.

Councillor Kaya Comer-Schwartz, Leader of Islington Council said: 'Whilst we are technically just across the border of Islington, it is wonderful to celebrate Passover with everyone. We must make a special mention to the current situation in Ukraine and remember their plight. A special congratulations to Mendy and Hadasa for rebuilding the Jewish community in Islington'.

Rabbi Mendy Korer, CEO of Chabad Islington said: 'We are always looking for ways to make our community and Judaism welcoming, inclusive, meaningful, inspiring and creative. The venue for this year's Seder, right in the heart of London, just north of Kings Cross and at the same time 'al fresco', was simply superb. It was great partnering with London Wildlife Trust and a special thank you to all the supporters for making the event possible.'

Edo, 15, shared at the event how 'his earliest memory of Passover was by Chabad Islington's model matzah bakery when he was five years old'.

Stella, a visitor from the United States commented: 'Thank you so much for leading such meaningful, beautiful and delicious Passover Seder. We will remember it for the rest of our lives.'

The event organised by Chabad Islington and was made possible by commercial sponsors: Wrap a Wish and Landswood de Coy LLP and many private generous donors.

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