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Leading up to this Passover, we are launching our fifth Supporters Club Challenge to ensure that every Jew in Islington is supported throughout the year and that our community centre and synagogue remain open with a full programme of community activities.


In the past year we secured a three-year lease on a new space near Angel for our synagogue and community centre. In addition to services, classes, and holiday events, the centre also hosts exhibitions of the Ein Sof Jewish Art Gallery, currently funded by Arts Council England. Our community centre is there for every Jew to connect with others, take part in activities and volunteer, all contributing to a stronger and happier Jewish community of Islington.


However, we need the support of our community to pay the rent. As you know well, rent on properties in Islington is extremely high, constituting a major cost for a small charity like ours. Although we do our best to fundraise to cover our overheads, without further support from our community we may need to cut down on activities and introduce higher fees for our events, making them less accessible to those on lower incomes.


That’s why we're launching our Supporters Club Challenge, to ensure that every Jew can feel part of the community throughout the year as well as on holidays, and to guarantee that our community centre can remain open with a full range of community events that are truly accessible to all. Our goal is to secure £500 worth of new monthly donations this Passover.


Act quickly - the campaign ends on the 30th of April.

Join the Supporters Club today:

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It was a difficult time when I first came involved with Chabad. My husband had just passed away and I found the support of the organisation and of Mendy and his family extremely comforting. The experience inspired me to explore my Jewish roots and learn more about the faith and its spirituality.

Chabad Islington run a program of social and cultural events all year round which include Friday night suppers and the annual lighting of the menorah in Islington green for Chanukah. It’s a magical occasion which I take my son to every year.

The work of Chabad in Islington enables Jews in the borough the opportunity to meet one another and to connect on lots of different levels. It doesn’t matter how religious or non religious you are there is an inclusivity which is both comforting and vital for the community. I joined the Supporters Club because I feel Chabad Islington is essential to the community and I think you should too.


Here is the impact your membership can make:



where we create personal connections with individuals helping build a stronger community making Judaism visible and available locally. 



including wedding preparation and services, Bar Mitzvahs and chaplaincy at Barts Hospital.



including our annual Menorah lighting, Big Jewish Summer Fete and a weekly Shabbat Dinners. 



including adult education, babyccino, walking tours and school talks covering Jewish culture and history. 



including Shabbat Happy Hour, film screenings, BBQs, special talks and informal drinks, helping build long lasting friendships. 



our kosher delivery service, created by Chabad Islington to keep kosher in Islington affordable and easy



Discounted tickets and priority booking to all our events and classes.


One Annual Supporter Club event exclusive to the supporters club where you’ll meet an connect with other members.

Small credit card with inspiration words to carry a little bit of Jewish wisdom with you wherever you go.

Supporter Club Branded newsletter keeping you up-to-date and informed of all our activities and events.

List your business and advertise your services to all our members.

Tzedakah, fulfil the obligation of giving 10% of net income to charity

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