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Aurélie Freoua and Heide Block: Mystical Interconnections

Please join the private view of our new exhibition.

Opening: Thursday 18 May 2023 Private view: 19:30 - 21:30 (RSVP is required)

Exhibition continues 28 May - 05 July 2023 Opening times by RSVP Chabad Islington Jewish Community Centre & Ein Sof Gallery 1-3 Elliott’s Place London, N1 8HX Ein Sof Gallery unveils a new exhibition featuring two London-based artists and their individual reckonings with connectivity, mysticism and the ephemeral aspects of humanity.

Aurélie Freoua was born in Paris and lives and works in London. Through her abstract paintings, she questions and studies the invisible. She transcribes indefinable and implicit emotions by giving them a visual dimension, shape, colour, movement, and direction. She aims to obtain a representation as close as possible to an initial real feeling, or an inner voice as such. Rhythm and harmony in her forms, lines and light channel the energy of a breath, a feeling, an echo, and the uncontrollable unconscious. Her subjects are thus ephemeral and in perpetual motion by nature. Her practice is her method of approaching truth, and her response to a constant search for absolute. The instant and the poetic is extracted so that their intensity can become palpable and live on.

Heide Block is a fine artist based in London and Johannesburg. Her mixed media practice draws from her equal fascination with organic interconnected patterns and figurative art. Her pattern work evokes rhythm and expression which whilst distinctly recognisable, is never predictable. Her physiotherapy background is what draws her to figures - interesting faces or interactions with people in cityscapes. The multicultural presence on the streets of both of her cities inspires her large-scale pen drawings and paintings. At times distinct images of people and their lives in one location are featured, and other times these from the two locations are united within an image. Heide studied under Bill Ainslie, Linda Ballen, Mike Wald, Gregory Kerr, Wilma Shein, Ricky Burnett, Hermann Niebuhr and Tracy Wittelson.

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