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The story of the Shofar at Barts Hospital

We received a lovely email last week that we wanted to share with you:

Dear Rabbi Korer

I don’t know if you will remember me and hope that you won’t mind me contacting you directly.

Coming up two years ago, my dear mum was in Barts hospital having emergency surgery on the second day of Rosh Hashannah. I was at the hospital with my father and he saw you when he went to get a drink, brought you over to meet me where we were waiting outside the operating theatres and you blew the shofar for us. I cannot put into words how meaningful that was.

It was my first Rosh Hashannah since joining Chabad - I’d only recently started on my journey back to Judaism - and I desperately wanted to be in shul to hear the shofar, but Hashem had other plans that year. But I also knew that Hashem had sent you in my direction on that day, and after hearing the shofar being blown in the middle of Barts Hospital and right by the operating theatre where my mum was in the middle of surgery, I just knew that my mum would be okay. She was having surgery having become critically ill after complications with a pacemaker - and although she remained in hospital for several weeks, Baruch HaShem she recovered fully.

I will never forget your care and kindness on that day.

Very kind regards,

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