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Shavuot 2019 in Islington

Come celebrate Shavuot at our events:

Shavuot Eve: All Night Learning

Saturday 8 June, 20:00-00:00

Join us of an evening of learning commemorating the Giving of the Torah. Held in the format of an inspirational dinner party, our Lecture Series will take you through the lessons and meanings of Shavuot.

Shavuot Party

Sunday 9 June, 16:30-20:00

Adults' Garden Party

Join our annual Shavuot Party, celebrating the Giving of the Torah, held in our Islington garden. Expect delicious cheesecakes and blintzes, a friendly crowd, and a verdant setting.

Kids' Ice Cream Party

Tasty ice cream, Shavuot storytelling, and fun galore for kids and parents!

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