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Introduce your little one to Jewish learning with our upbeat and lively Alef Club.


Every Sunday we take children aged 2-8 on a fascinating discovery of Judaism through music, storytelling, arts and crafts and other fun and creative activities. 


Each lesson is designed to be fun, relevant and hands-on because we firmly believe that learning about Judaism should be joyful. 


From Chanukah to Purim, Hebrew to kashrut, we'll teach your child about a living Judaism that they'll be proud of!


Primary focus of the Alef Club

Over the course of the year we intend to cover a number of different learning points, however we will be focusing on a few primary ideas:

- Knowledge: From Chanukah to Purim, Hebrew to Kippa we intend to insure every child will be familiar with Jewish life.

- Identity: Our program will be filled with stories and “hands-on” projects to build a positive Jewish identity.   

- Friends: Your child will be spending 2 hours of creative games with other Jewish children to make lasting Jewish friendship.

Each Sunday we follow a simple and structured timetable allowing time for play and snacks:

10:00 Welcome

10:05 Prayer

10:30 Learning activity (for example: show and tell treasure box, Jewish escape room, Jewpardy)

10:50 Snack + Outdoor Play

11:10 Aleph Bet Hebrew activity

11:30 Story of the Week

11:45 Review activity


Download annual calendar



There are three terms in a year. Cost per term: £200

We are pleased to offer a 20% discount for all Chabad Islington supporter club members.




Sponsorship opportunities


We rely on extra funding in order to make the Alef Bet programme affordable for the whole community. Your generosity can help to inspire the future Jewish generation. A few options for sponsorship are listed below; please contact us to find out more


Venue per week: £85

Venue per term: £850

Venue per year: £2550

Snacks per year: £450

Teachers per week: £75

Teachers per term: £750

Teachers per year: £2250

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