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After more than half a century, a new synagogue and Jewish community space opened in Islington in September 2020.

Address: 1-3 Elliott's Place, Islington, N1 8HX

Opening hours: during events & by appointment


Located at 1-3 Elliott's Place near Angel station, the space is open for prayers (including Shabbat morning service, fortnightly) and adult education courses, events, Jewish art and history exhibition, cafe, Judaica shop, and serves as a Kosheroo collection point.

Our community space is also available as a venue for hire.

In the press:

- Islington Tribune

- Jewish News

- Jewish Chronicle

The Ein Sof Jewish Art Gallery

Screenshot 2022-02-01 at 10.44.54.png

The Ein Sof Jewish Art Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting contemporary art by Jewish artists. To find out about current exhibitions, visit the online page of the Jewish Art Gallery.

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