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Chabad Islington is a community for people from diverse Jewish backgrounds who are based around the N1 area. Founded in 2011 by young couple Rabbi Mendy and Hadasa Korer, who had a vision to breath new life into a community that has not been active for over 50 years. They aim to build an active, engaged and vibrant Jewish community that services the borough.

Mendy and Hadasa’s unique approach is non-judgmental, allowing all participants the opportunity to freely experience and question Judaism, with the understanding that a sustainable Jewish future depends on a passionate, diverse, and creative new generation. This community has been built by inter-twining fresh and diverse approaches with traditional values in order to generate a connected Jewish environment.

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Chabad is the largest Jewish outreach organisation in the world, active in more then 80 countries. Our primary focus is in the Jewish community where it has been lauded by all segments for its innovative and compassionate programs. Chabad provides social service, educational and outreach programs. It has no affiliation with any political organisation.

Chabad has a long history of religious tolerance and has been on the forefront efforts of humanitarian relief. In the past years it took a leading role after the Tsunami in Japan and the earthquake in Haiti.


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Mission Statement

We believe in the following points:


• To provide a welcoming open door to Jewish people of all walks of life no matter their background or affiliation in the immediate area of Islington and also surrounding areas.


• Making Judaism accessible and relevant to every Jew by empowering them to personally take ownership of their Judaism in a meaningful way never underestimating the value of a single deed.


• Caring for and supporting the welfare of Jewish people in the Islington community with devotion and affection - no matter the time, place or need. 


• Educating both the Jewish community and the Islington community at large to live by the words "Love your fellow as yourself". 


• Creating innovative and attractive programs tailored to the needs of the immediate and outlining community of Islington.



Currently the Chabad House is run by Rabbi Mendy and Hadasa Korer. 

London born and bred Rabbi Mendy was ordained in the central Chabad Yeshiva in New York where he was then engaged in community building and outreach work. This work extended to Windhoek, Namibia followed by Dubrovnik, Croatia and the three French Caribbean Islands. 

Hadasa Korer from Belgium studied in her home country and a Rabbinical seminary in Israel. She has run community and school programs in Sherman Oaks and Palo Alto, California. 

Together they have worked for two and a half years in Tenafly, New Jersey as directors of teenage programs. 

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History of The North London Synagogue

The historic synagogue and its community

During the 18th and 19th centuries Islington had one of the largest Jewish populations in England. In 1868 the North London Synagogue was built on Lofting Road (formerly John Street) in Barnsbury N1, Islington to accommodate the growing Jewish community of North London. It was a relatively affluent congregation; the members were able to raise £16,000 themselves to pay off a loan on the building. Many lived in the Chapel Street, Angel and Upper Street areas nearby.


The building was designed in Italian style and richly decorated with marble, plaster moulded into the shape of plants, coffered beilings and stained glass. The synagogue was of the Ashkenazi Orthodox tradition and was admitted as a Constituent member of the United Synagogue in 1878. The opening of Dalston Synagogue caused a decline in membership and in 1958 the two establishments were amalgamated. The building was demolished in 1958 and later replaced by the current block of flats. The history of the synagogue was written by its last minister, Rabbi Nathan Bergerman.

Synagogue interior.jpeg

Application for the commemorative plaque

In 2014 Chabad Lubavitch of Islington applied for a recognition of this significant building by placing a plaque on the current building on Lofting Road. Thanks to an online voting contest open to the general public, the former North London Synagogue, will now have a plaque marking its site. The Borough of Islington announced that the synagogue won the second of three spots in a heated race for the coveted “Islington People’s Plaque.” This plaque commemorates Islington’s first significant migrant community, its synagogue which stood for 90 years, and the congregation that attended the synagogue during that time.

'We moved to Islington 4 years ago with a plan to rebuild the Jewish community,’ says Rabbi Mendy Korer, Director of Chabad Islington. 'We appreciate of all the votes we received last year to have the plaque put up and are very proud to set up a permanent mark of Islington's rich Jewish history.'

'My family were members of the Shul until it closed and my bar mitzvah was the penultimate one celebrated there,’ says Johnny Hoffman, former member of the historic North London Synagogue. 'Also my brother's wedding was the last wedding and my family have very happy memories from those years. We are looking forward very much to the unveiling.’  


Islington People's Plaque Unveiling

The official event to celebrate the unveiling of the plaque took place on 4 June 2015. Local dignitaries, historians and members of the synagogue shared their thoughts and inspiration at this historic event.

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Bar Mitzvah Stolen by the Blitz
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Local Synagogues & Jewish Groups

We are the only Jewish institution in Islington.

We will update other synagogues and Jewish groups in the surrounding areas shortly. Areas will include: East End, Camden, Hackney & Highgate. If you have any suggested locations, please contact us.

General Jewish Information

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